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An Easy Clean for Spring!

Blooming flowers, fresh breezes, and sunshine - it’s finally time to throw open your windows and clean out the gloom of the winter. There’s nothing better than walking into a fresh home after a long day. But it’s often easy to become overwhelmed and not know where to begin to get your space into spring-y shape. We’re here to help!

Our most highly recommended pro tip: the very first step for a great spring clean is popping your favorite playlist or podcast in your headphones before you start! This sets the tone and helps time fly by. Then scope out areas in your home that you feel need the most work. There’s no "right room" to start with, just pick where you spend the most time and start there. Take three boxes with you as you start each space: one for trash, one for giveaway, and one for putting away. Then room by room, open cabinets and closets and go through the piles you’ve allowed to stack up on the shelf or in the corner. You’ll find those three boxes become your best helpmates.

Once the clutter is cleared away, the deep cleaning can begin! The most important prep work you can do for yourself is to take stock of the cleaning supplies you have on hand. Toss any sprays that are old, get rid of your used sponges and brushes, and focus on condensing. Can you replace several cleaners with one good all purpose one, for example? Or, do you really need four forms of glass cleaner? Once you know what you have (and what you’re missing), write out a list of things you need to deep clean in order to freshen up your home. In addition to the normal dusting, vacuuming, and window cleaning, here are some of our favorite spring cleaning tasks:

  • Make your microwave sparkle by adding a chopped lemon to a bowl of water and microwaving it on high until it's boiling and the window gets steamy. Let it sit with the door closed for five minutes, then wipe clean with a sponge!

  • Get the inside of your fridge super clean by popping out all the removable shelves and drawers and washing them in soapy water to remove grime and bateria.

  • Organize that junk drawer! Using the three-box system from above, get that drawer functioning for you again.

  • Use the arm attachment on your vacuum to remove dust from fan blades, AC intake vents, and fans in bathrooms. This is especially important before your air conditioning unit gets a summer workout!

Leave us a comment with your favorite go-to spring cleaning tips!

Kim & the Waco Social Team

ps - Check out our candle collection from Ginger June! The Endless Summer scent is perfect for bringing that "spring clean feeling" to your home!

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