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How to Host the Perfect Backyard Party!

As winter comes to a close, planning the perfect backyard party is a fun and easy way to kick off the long-awaited spring season. The temperature is moderate, flowers are fresh and blooming, and gathering outside gives you and your closest friends and family the opportunity to soak in the much needed time together. The idea of throwing a party in your own backyard may have you feeling like, “where do I begin?” If so, we’re here with a few simple ideas to make your backyard party happen.

First, focus on the big picture: time of day and number of guests. Once you decide these two things, everything on your ‘to-do’ on your list will flow. For example: if you’re inviting guests over between 11:00am and 1:00pm, they’ll expect a more filling menu than if you’re inviting them over between 2:00pm and 5:00pm, which is when finger foods or a dessert table are more appropriate.

Second, the food - the main thing that keeps a party going! This is where the number on your guest list matters. For a smaller guest list (10 people or less), we recommend a light charcuterie board, a small table with salads and proteins, and a few key desserts from a local bakery. With a larger guest list, however, consider providing a large, diverse charcuterie and a robust dessert table; but then ask your guests to also bring their favorite salad along with the recipe written on a card. This will allow you to use your time and resources to really indulge your guests with treats, while allowing them to feel like they had a role in making the fun happen.

When it comes to hosting parties, here’s the real secret: if the host is having fun, the guests will have fun. Don’t strive for perfection! Bringing your loved ones together in the midst of everyone’s busy lives is bound to provide a sense of community and love in itself. Taking the time to plan a simple outdoor gathering kicks off springtime in the best way possible.

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